All three George and Finn books are now available to download.

Buy the complete trilogy for £4.99!

Trilogy Cover 5

Hello and welcome to my website. We’re here to talk about books!


My first Young Adult novel Music and Lies is about George and Finn who meet at a music festival in a forest like the one above – and tell a few lies – and have a lot of fun and solve a few mysteries along the way.

In Summer 2015 the second book about George and Finn – Bright Lights and Lies – was published. The final book in the trilogy, No More Lies, came out in late 2016.

I and my fellow Paisley Piranha writers blog and review the YA books we’re reading at https://paisleypiranha.wordpress.com/ Come and take a look.

Alex guitar croppedWellies croppedRed hair close tree

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